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This is the home of eMinima and minipc for green, low-cost, and affordable computing. Click below to access:

The MiniPup desktop software suite
Minipup is a desktop and server suite for enabling educators to use low-cost PCs, such as old Pentium IIs or thin clients, while keeping themselves productive and efficient.

Teacher Benevieve Villanueva is shown while holding a USB drive and telling UPLB faculty that "Here I have all my server files". The occasion was the April 11, 2007 workshop of UPLB faculty for handling large classes. (Click here for the story and videos.)

The SafePup safe browser solution
Safepup is a kiosk browsing suite ideal for elearning, used typically as live CD (no install required). It is based on Puppy Linux version 2.13, so it uses a puppy logo based on ASCII art by "hjw".

Users are also fascinated to use Safepup as a starting point for building their own live CD through easy remastering.

The eMinima/education project
eMinima is the main project that set out to make available easy and low-cost solution for educators.

eMinima founder Dr Raffy found Puppy Linux in his quest for small, fast and easy to use OS, and has stayed in the community to help develop applications for education.

In the picture at right, Dr Raffy's colleague Emy Sibal poses for promoting "EM", which stands for eMinima.

The eMinima archive
Known originally as LittleCandle, eMinima has used its own name in websites since the year 2007. This usage followed the practice of the pioneers who fell into the habit of calling the project "eMinima".

These pages will show the early beginnings of the project (2005-2006).

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